Paso Robles Customer Testimonial

Greetings Wine Linos!

Just got this email from another satisfied customer!  🙂


I really appreciate the email from the Wine Line as a follow-up to us after our adventure in Paso Robles. I have to say though that my girlfriend and I should be the ones THANKING YOU! We did do a lot of research into which wine tour we should do while visiting the Pismo Beach area and the Wine Line was far and away the winner. I was even more sold after spending the day with our guide, Chris. HE. WAS. AWESOME. My girlfriend and I are in no way wine connoisseurs, but we were just looking for a laid back tour where we could taste some good wine. When Chris picked us up in the morning, my girlfriend told him what kind of wine she liked and he just took care of us for the rest of the day. It was everything we were looking for: fun, relaxing, personal, and TONS of wine! You guys have really put together a great idea and its only improved by the great people you have working for you. Thanks again and Ive attached some pictures (feel free to post!).
Also, Ill be spreading the word on Yelp and in the Milwaukee, WI area!
Thanks again,

Chris W.
Milwaukee, WI