Experience our Private Tour

Personalized touring, made just for you

Experience the Private Santa Barbara Wine Tasting Tour

Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara wine country tours on your own terms

Reserve a Private Tour for you and yours for the ultimate experience. Create your ideal, customizable day with the help of dedicated transportation.

Your party has the freedom to visit anywhere within the region you are staying, whether it be Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Solvang, or the surrounding towns.

Why Private?

The advantages to reserving a Private Tour over our Semi-Private Tours are all about…YOU!  You do you, essentially.

Here are just a few specifics:

  • You dictate the places you want to visit in whichever region you choose
  • Or, ask us to develop a fully personalized itinerary based upon your interests and tastes
  • Truly determine the pace, with the driver and vehicle at your command
  • Bring your own picnic, eat at a winery, restaurant or cafe of your choosing, or have us provide your gourmet lunch for convenience
  • Choose your pickup time, earlier, later, whatever you decide
  • Extend the day, if you’d like more time, for a modest charge

Private Tours in Santa Barbara & Santa Ynez Valley

Santa Barbara wine country extends from the Lompoc Wine Ghetto to Santa Barbara city’s Funk Zone and spans across the Santa Rita Hills and over the Santa Ynez Valley, 77,000 acres across. That is to say, Santa Barbara wine country is extremely vast, and includes over 200 wineries lining the area.

Our capable team is confident that we can help you craft your special day, whether it is just you and a friend or a large group of 9.

The Private Tour in Santa Barbara starts at $119.95 per person and uses a sliding scale for pricing. Groups of 3 to 6 pay $109.95 per person, while groups of 7 or more pay $99.95 per person. The Santa Barbara Private Tour has a 20% gratuity added for your driver. Private Tours run daily, but are not always available on Saturdays (and may contain an additional surcharge, if available)

Our Santa Barbara Private Tours offer guests door-to-door, private, and completely customizable wine tasting tours. Visitors only pay a set fee, per person, for the day and do not need to worry about a running meter or other factors associated with other limos or charter services. Private tours operate daily but are not always available on Saturdays. Please contact The Wine Line for information on our Saturday availability and other details or visit the Santa Barbara Private Tours FAQ for specific information pertaining to your trip planning.