COVID19 Procedures & Protocols

How it Works in COVID Times

Thank you for choosing to “hop on” Wine Line!  We hope you and yours are well, have not been, or are not being, too terribly adversely impacted by the COVID crisis.  This is an ongoing and fluid situation with the “new normal,” and new COVID protocols and guidelines coming in regularly.

We continue to receive direction from all wineries as to their operations.  Most wineries are requiring reservations and/or advance notice.  If you have reviewed our loops and picked out wineries you’d like to visit (4 for your day), please include them when booking, or send them over (4 priority+2 backups) asap, or 10 days prior to your tour date (21 for Saturdays), in order to be more likely to be able to visit them.  We will then create your itinerary and make the appointments for your party.

Please bear in mind that not all wineries on our website, or in the area in general, will necessarily be available, and/or will have amended hours and fees.  If you booked the All-Inclusive package, please be advised, and understand, that not all of the wineries listed in the package may be available for tasting or included any longer.  Please be further advised, we may need to choose the side you visit due to staffing concerns and again apologize in advance for any disappointment.

With the “new normal” in mind, The Wine Line is taking your, and our drivers’ and others’, health and well being very seriously, and have developed various protocols in keeping with the guidance from the Federal, State and Local recommendations and/or requirements.

Some protocols and/or protections we have implemented are:

  • Plexiglass dividers between our bench row seats, including between the driver and the front bench.
  • Wall mounted hand sanitizer units by the main passenger doors.
  • Pre-trip thorough sanitizing throughout the vans.
  • Additional bench row seat sanitizing in between customer winery stops.
  • Masking required while in the van and until seated at each winery

Hopping On By the Numbers

The following are some best practices and considerations we submit to you, and request you follow, on your tour for everyone’s peace of mind:

1Symptoms & Exposure
If you, any member of your party, or a recently visited friend or family member are currently experiencing, or suspect, any flu or COVID-like symptoms, you may not participate in our tours.
2Protecting Yourself
Please wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly before and after each tasting room visit.
3Protecting Others

  • Please wear face coverings at all times, as possible.
  • Maintain social distancing of 6ft. in tasting rooms.
4Liability Waiver
Please print and sign the liability waiver to help facilitate a quicker departure.  You may either scan and return, or bring with you for pickup, otherwise, your driver will have one for you to sign.

5Refusal of Service
We have an established policy regarding refusal of service to customers displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (see the symptoms checklist on the waiver attached).
6Winery Selections
  • To reiterate the above, please send your winery requests at your very earliest convenience for your own benefit.
  • Once received, we will work on your itinerary, in consideration of our other customers’ requests and logistics, make your appointments, and take you to and from your scheduled appointment times throughout the day.