New Testimonial from a Happy Paso Customer – 10/17/17

Greetings Wine Linos!

This just in!  We received this wonderful testimonial from a recent Paso Robles new Wine Lino.   Such a perfect snapshot of what we aim to provide for our customers, with our mission of freedom and flexibility, and we are so happy  he and his wife enjoyed themselves and appreciated the concept!

My wife and I had a great experience and am looking forward to our next “Hop”. The reason I picked your tour was the description of the tour on your web site. The ability to pick and choose destinations and not be stuck on the same tour all day is desirable. Larry our driver was exceptional. We had a couple wineries we wanted to visit and left the rest to him. We were not disappointed. Thanks and give our best to Larry.

Mike O.
Dublin, CA
(Paso Robles Tour)

Until the next drop.

The Wine Line