International Grenache Day Special at Edward Sellers

Greetings Wine Linos,

Today is International Grenache Day!  In celebration of the day Edward Sellers is opening up their Library of Reserved Wines and pulling out their stellar 2004 Grenache for this weekend!  Dani & Kendall were drinking/tasting a bottle last night and both said it is beautiful and perfect for the celebration.

Only Three Cases Are Available at $38.00 per Bottle. (15% Savings, until Sunday 9/25)

To place your order, please call their Tasting Room at 805.239.8915, or online while the inventory lasts.

The idea of International Grenache Day grew out of the success of last year’s International Grenache Symposium in the Rhone Valley.  Nicole Rodet, owner of the Chene Bleu estate in Provence and founder of the Symposium, said the serious purpose behind the event is to not only encourage people to discover Grenache, but also to protect ancient Grenache vineyards from being removed to make way for more commercial varieties.

Grenache (Gra-Nash) is supple and rich with a strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, black pepper tasting profile, and is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world.

Until the next drop.

The Wine Line