Swiss Day & “Stomping” – Harvest Weekend at Vina Robles – 10/19/19

Greetings Wine Linos!

Yodelay-heehoo!!!  The Swiss are having their day, so to speak, at Vina Robles…and they’re inviting you to join them for a “stomping” good time!  You gotta do this, so read on…

Experience an authentic Swiss Marketplace right here in Paso Robles,
complete with traditional Swiss dishes served at stands strewn throughout our courtyard.
Sip on Vina Robles estate wines while enjoying live music,
and don’t miss the harvest stand where you can stomp a barrelful of freshly picked winegrapes!

Tickets are $50 PP | $40 per Wine Club Member


If you buy tickets, just let us know in the “additional comments” field, and we will be sure to note it for your tour.

Until the next drop.

The Wine Line