New 5 Star Review on TripAdvisor!

Greetings Wine Linos!

We just had another wonderful review from a very gracious customer!  So very sweet of her to take the time to share her “excellent” experience with The Wine Line!  We sincerely appreciate it.  Here’s what she had to say:

Reviewed by CaitlinVictoriaB
Jan 16, 2018
Wine Line was excellent!!! We got picked up at our bed and breakfast by Larry (great guy) promptly at 10:30am. He had snacks and water in the van and gave us a run down of the whole day. He told us about each winery on the provided list and said we could pick any 4 or 5 we’d like and he’d make it happen.
We picked up 3 more couples and as a group agreed on our first winery. After that, if we wanted to break off and go somewhere else and join up later, we could. Larry would drive us anywhere we wanted. He knew everyone at every winery and had great recommendations. We ended up staying all together and becoming friends with the other couples. We decided to eat our preselected lunch at the third winery and it was a perfect little break. The day flew by without a hitch and had so much fun. We were back at the hotel and in the hot tub by 5pm.
Overall it was an amazing deal and a day we won’t forget!! Thanks Larry!

Until the next drop.
The Wine Line